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O_oracle Class Reference
[Factor Oracle structure]

Factor Oracle (FO) class. More...

#include <Oracle_classes.hpp>

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Protected Attributes

int size
 Current size of FO.
vector< O_state * > state_vect
 Vector of references to all the state of FO.

Public Member Functions

void freestates ()
void start ()
Constructors & Destructors

 O_oracle ()
 Default constructor.
 O_oracle (const O_oracle &)
 Copy constructor.
 ~O_oracle ()
 Standard destructor.
Set & Get

int get_size ()
 Return the current size of FO.


class O_learner

Operators Overload

ostream & operator<< (ostream &, const O_oracle &)
 Output all the states of FO on a standard stream.
O_stateoperator[] (int) const
 Access FO states.

Detailed Description

Factor Oracle (FO) class.

This class implements the sequence of states, initialisation, access and freeing of FO

Definition at line 104 of file Oracle_classes.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

O_oracle::O_oracle (  ) 

Default constructor.

Size is initialise to -1

Definition at line 235 of file Oracle_classes.cpp.

O_oracle::~O_oracle (  ) 

Standard destructor.

Delete and free the memory for every state of FO

Definition at line 242 of file Oracle_classes.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void O_oracle::freestates (  ) 


Delete and free the memory for every state of FO and resets the size

Definition at line 250 of file Oracle_classes.cpp.

O_state * O_oracle::operator[] ( int  i  )  const

Access FO states.

State numbers start from 0

Definition at line 280 of file Oracle_classes.cpp.

void O_oracle::start (  ) 


Create the first state of FO (numbered 0) with no transitions, no suffix nor reverse suffix links and set size to 1

Definition at line 268 of file Oracle_classes.cpp.

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