Geoffroy Peeters

Project leader - Audio and Music Indexing Research Projects - IRCAM R&D

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Project leader - Audio and Music Indexing Research Projects- IRCAM R&D
2013: HDR (Habilitation a Diriger des Recherches) University Paris VI
2001: PhD in Computer Science
1995: Master in electronic engineering
email: firstname dot name @ ircam dot fr
adress: 1, pl. Igor Stravinsky - 75004 Paris - France

Research interrests

I'm a senior researcher at IRCAM where I lead projects, do and supervise (Master, PHD or Post-Doc) research related to Music Information Retrieval. My main research interests are around signal processing and data mining applied to audio and music.

Audio processing. In the past (during my PHD, before 2001), I was mainly involved in audio transformation (using P-SOLA, sinusoidal modeling or the SINusoidal OverLap-Add (SINOLA) method I proposed) and physical modeling (during my Master)

Audio/music analysis. Currently, I do research in audio and music indexing (AMI). This includes research on timbre description (such as the timbre descriptors we have included into MPEG-7 Audio), audio features extraction (such as the ones of ircamdescriptor software), automatic feature selection and machine learning algorithms. This is then used to train class (single or multi-label) models to recognize automatically instrument samples, sound-FX or music genre and mood recognition. Our system to train system is named ircamclass. Audio indexing also includes research related to music specific concepts (Music Information Retrieval): beat, downbeat, tempo, meter estimation (such as provided by ircambeat), key and chords (such as provided by ircamkeychord), music structure and audio summary (such as provided by ircamsummary), singing voice, audio identification by fingerprint (such as provided by AudioPrint system).

Research communitee. I'm also member-elected of ISMIR-board (2016-2017), reviewer for various conferences, journals and PHD/HDR commitees and have organized (or co-organized) the following events: 2014/11: Workshop on Timbre @Telecom Paris-Tech, Paris, 2013/06: Organizing a workshop on "M.I.R. and Creativity" @IRCAM, Paris, 2012/10: Organizing a special session on "Evaluation" @ISMIR, Porto, 2011/09: Co-general-chair of the DAFx-2011 conference @IRCAM, Paris, 2008/06 Co-organizing the 2nd Workshop on Learning the Semantics of Audio Signals @IRCAM, Paris, 2004/06 Organizing a workshop on "MPEG-7 What is about ?" at @AES conference, London.


2015/06/03 - Identification et indexation automatique des œuvres musicales

2015/06/03 - Colloque Sacem Université/Ircam - L’analyse automatisée de métadonnées à partir d’enregistrements - Centre Pompidou, Paris, France

2013/10 - Quaero presentation at "Rencontres R&D Cap Digital et Quaero" - BNF, Paris, France