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The idea to create this group grew out of discussions we had with different researchers and performers/composers during the ICMC'97 at Thessaloniki- Greece and the "KANSEI - The Technology of Emotion" workshop at Genova - Italy, in September/October 1997.

We had started a similar group at IRCAM during Spring of 1997, stemming from the inital research interests of Butch Rovan, a composer doing a 2 year stage at IRCAM, Marcelo M. Wanderley, a PhD candidate in the Analysis/Synthesis Team, and Shlomo Dubnov, a post-doctoral researcher also at IRCAM in the Analysis/Synthesis Team. Through the course of the year, many other researchers and composers at IRCAM have joined the group: Marc Battier, Suguru Goto, Alexander Michalic, and others. We also benefited from the initial support of Philippe Depalle, Marie-Helene Serra, and Hugues Vinet.

Since the symposium "Les Nouveaux Gestes de la Musique" held in Marseille in April, 1997, and later at the ICMC and KANSEI conferences, we noticed a great deal of interest from other researchers in this field. Realizing that we could all benefit from an international exchange of ideas and resources, we decided to start a new website that would serve as a repository of basic information and links to the different aspects of gestural research applied to musical purposes.

Different web pages have already been established and are a valuable online source of information in other aspects of gestures, such as sign language, Human-Computer Interaction, Haptic devices, etc. But apart from the webpage of Axel Mulder, we were not able to find other internet references specifically covering gesture and music.

We therefore invite anyone interested in this subject to take part in this group.

Paris, October 30th, 1997.

Marcelo M. Wanderley and Joseph Butch Rovan


Initial participants at IRCAM:

Other Interesting People and Institutions

Claude Cadoz at ACROE, Grenoble - France.

Antonio Camurri at DIST, University of Genova - Italy.

Neil Farwell, Sensors, interaction & performance.

Andy Hunt at York Music Technology Group, University of York, UK.

Kristoffer Jensen at the Music Informatics Group at the University of København, Denmark.

Serge de Laubier at Espace Musical - Paris, France.

Teresa Marrin at Immersion Music, Inc. - USA.

Jean-Paul Mazeau at LTCM, University Paris 8, Paris - France.

Axel Mulder at Infusion Systems.

Leonello Tarabella at Computer Music Department of CNUCE/C.N.R., Pisa - Italy.

Kristian Thomas, the pseudo Sound project.

Tamas Ungvary at Royal Institute of Technology, Stokholm - Sweden.

Roel Vertegaal at Twente University, Enschede - The Netherlands.

Ioannis Zannos and Paul Modler (now at the University of york, UK) at Berlin's Staatliches Institut für Musikforschung - Germany. Check out the TEMA homepage.

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