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Upcoming events: WFS Workshop at FNM 19-21 May 2005 Stuttgart
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and sonicemotion

13-22 October 2004 : Résonances 04 IRCAM

A WFS system was demonstrated during Résonance '04, a workshop dedicated to technologies for music and sound installations. The WFS system and associated authoring tools were illustrated with a musical program composed of various pieces and musical esquisses from :

G. Grand, R. Galichet, Y. Maresz, P. Schoeller, N. Vérin.


1rst and 2nd of MAY 2004: Invited by the Forum Neues Musiktheater, the StaatOper of Stuttgart, Ircam and sonicEmotion organized a workshop dedicated to spatialization techniques using Wave Field Synthesis

In collaboration with colleagues from sonicEmotion, Etienne Corteel and Terence Caulkins
set up an 80 channel WFS system (8m in front + 4 surround points). This two day workshop
featured demonstration sessions as well as meetings presenting acoustic principles,
authoring tools, hardware/software components, and potential musical applications
(with help from Philippe Schoeller).


The demonstration took place at the Forum Neues Musiktheater of Stuttgart. On a technical level, the workshop gave rise to the development of new "Spat" plugins for ProTools (dvl. Etienne Corteel). It was also the first public appearance of the Spat~ in its new Windows version (dvl. Olivier Delerue). The entire setup (authoring and DSP modules) relied on a network architecture developed by sonicEmotion (ZsonicNet): a dozen DSP units + ProTools + ListenSpace + Spat exchanging data on an IP network. During the demonstrations, "in situ" and "wireless" spatialization was achieved using the ListenSpace software (dvl. Olivier Delerue) on a TabletPC.

The workshop benefited from the support of the AES (Audio Engineering Society - German section), the IRT (Institut für RundfunkTechnik) and the VDT (Verband Deutscher Tonmeister).

Demonstration Program

- Didactical examples
- WFS remix- excerpts of:
21, rue du Midi, N. Verrin
Al Segno, Y. Maresz
Vertigo, P. Schoeller
- Radio Drama based on the Magic Flute


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