*** 03/2010: Phonotonic is alive! The aim of Phonotonic is to develop art/science research while promoting hands-on practice. More soon...

*** 02/2010: We were selected among the projets to be presented at the
Futur-En-Seine event. We shall develop a musical game based on urban street ball games. We aim to parasite a street ball with sensors and turn regular games to collaborative music battle.

*** 02/2010: I made our JNMR and OS papers available on my publication page.

*** 11/2009: Our paper on modeling and segmenting audio descriptor profiles using segmental models has been accepted in Pattern Recognition Letters. Note that concepts presented here on audio descriptors apply to any signals including gesture movements. This project is linked to our ANR project Interlude.

*** 10/2009: Two articles accepted for the Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Continuous realtime gesture following and recognition (Bevilacqua et al., 2009) and On gestural variation and coarticulation effects in sound control (Bianco et al., 2009). Check this out under publications.

*** 07/2009: JNMR Vol. 37 N. 4 and Organised sound Vol. 14 N.2 are now available.

*** 07/2009: The end-of-year concert of l'Atelier des Feuillantines just took place at the Temple Saint-Marcel (Paris V). Everything went pretty well. Two students (piano and violin) interpreted the Siciliana from Bach Sonata bwv 1017 in an acoustic-electronic version. The first part of the piece was played using their instruments. During the second part, the students exchanged their timbre: the violinist hit the strings col legno and obtained a piano sound (midi trigger) while the pianist stroked the piano with a wacom tablet and obtained a violin sound (physical modelling synthesis).