augmented violin 
Working group on gesture at Ircam
- researchers: F. Bevilacqua, N. Rasamimanana, E. Fl├ęty
- musical assistants: S. Lemouton, E. Daubresse
- composers: F. Baschet, M. Stroppa, P. Manoury, F. Bedrossian, J. Combier, J.J. Eslava, H. Parra, J.M. Fernandez, S. Rivas
- performers: A. Mercier, C. Desjardins, B. Sluchin, H.S. Kang, J.M. Conquer, P. Strauch

- 3 accelerometers
- removable module
- wireless transmission 500 Hz, 16 bit
- interface: Ethersense (OSC)
- built by Emmanuel Flety

You can also check here for more information on the prototype and here to get info on specifically designed optical pickups.

Gesture Modelling

More detailed presentations of gesture modelling can be found here