Demixing using NMF 
Monday, November 14, 2005 19:48

This is a commandline program that lets you decompose a sound into additive components in the spectral domain.

what it does is:

  • generate the sound's spectrogram
  • decompose the spectrogram into N layers
  • resynthesize each layer and the residual to a separate soundfile


nmfdemix [-m] [-s] [-o long] [-c double] [-i long] [-f long] [--] [-v] [-h] filename #components


-o , --overlap overlap factor (default 4)
-c , --criteria stopping criteria (default 0.001)
-i , --maxiterations max number of iterations (default 1000)
-f , --fftsize fftsize (default 4096)
-m, --matrixout output W and H matrices
-s, --silent don't be verbose


nmfdemix 0.11 for windows XP
nmfdemix 0.11 for mac OSX