Open Sound Control 
Monday, February 28, 2005 12:24


I wanted something similar to Plogue Bidule's Parameter binder for OSC. This is a small utility program I've made in order to translate the OSC adress part of OSC messages.

i.e. something like
"/Controller/Param1 0.5" -> "/filter/cutoff/ 0.5"

you can either manually build your OSC namespace with as a tree or let the OSC learn do the job for you. you can also save the namespaces for later reuse. Then you can link source and target adresses.

files are saved as xml (*.oscmap,*.osctree) so that you can edit them manually.


Source Code:
win32 installer: OSCmap-0.1-setup.exe
osx application:

I've moved the project to sourceforge:
the latest sources are available via subversion

svn co oscmap

or you can just browse the code online:

in order to build from the sources, you'll need the following (wonderful) libs:
wxWidget 2.6.1

Max/MSP externals

Here you can find the latest version (1.5.1) of Open Sound Control max/msp externals for windows ported/rewritten by Emmanuel Flety and me:

- [opensoundcontrol]
- [osc-route]
- [udp-read]
- [udp-write]


- endianness encoding of time-tag now works correctly
- trying to instantiate multiple udp-read objects with the same port number now generates an error and only instantiate the first object.

- jsui wasn't updating when receiving a message from the opensoundcontrol external (now uses max clocks to schedule outputs).

They can be downloaded here before being available on cmnat's site.


Cycling'74 has released [udpreceive] and [udpsend] as a replacement for [otudp] on mac and [udp-read]/[udp-write] on windows.



furthermore it also replace the need for [opensoundcontrol] for simple applications, but also has a CNMAT mode which let [opensoundcontrol] parse the OSC packets and bundles.