This is my house (Myriam Gourfink) 
Wednesday, February 15, 2006 21:46

choregrapher Myriam Gourfink
composer Kasper Toeplitz

This is the project I'm currently working on.
This is my house
For several years my work has been centered on the writing itself of choreography writing that implies the creation of special signals used to compose the dance ahead of the rehearsals with the dancers and on the integration in this writing of computerized devices of disturbance and re-generation of the pre-written composition in real time. The goal of this research is to invite the performer to co-create an open score.

For "This is my house" the five dancers pilot the process of modification of the choreographic score by their breath and by slow movements thanks to the collecting system developed by the IRCAM which shows up on LCD screens placed above. Therefore, the technology the computer device at the heart of the relations between time and spaces allows the structure of situations, of original contexts that the dancers interpret, as the piece develops and unfolds.
Myriam Gourfink

This is a performance for 5 dancers wearing Wi-Fi sensors (accelerometers, optical-flex, standard flex and breath sensors). A dance score (Laban notation customized by Myriam Gourfink) is generated in real-time driven by the interpretation of the dancers and displayed on 12 LCD monitor facing the floor on a structure over the dancers. A computer is in charge of receiving the sensor data and performs various kind analysis in order to trigger and generate the score to be displayed.

analysis performed on the sensors
- cyclicity detection through generalized autocorrelation
- synchronicity between dancers for different sensors
- activity of each dancer
- phrase recognition using Hidden Markov Models so that dancers have control over the time of the performace.

all the analysis is performed using the MnM/FTM library for MaxMSP.



the dance score (custom laban notation).

rehearsals (first part of the performance).

duo (second part of the performance).

saxophone+electronic for the second part of the performance.

Kasper Toeplitz working on the music.

a black & white shot during the rehearsals.