Internet audio codecs

Online audio examples - tips for encoding

--When it comes to putting audio on the internet, numerous codecs are available.
--This page proposes several audio examples to see which codecs (mp3, Real, Windows Media...) are really worth it.

The codecs

  Codec Requirements

ADPCM audio is sometimes used in Flash movies
Old and awful codec - go there.

Flash plug-in, v 3+
MP3 audio, go there
Real Player, v 7+
QuickTime codecs, go there
QuickTime player, v 4+
Real Player proprietary codecs, go there.
Real Player plug-in, v 8+
Windows Media proprietary codecs, go there *
Windows Media plug-in, v 6+
* attention Macintosh users
- serious problems are often encountered when using the Windows Media plug-in for Mac.

What program can be used to encode audio / video content ?

MP3 audio
Any good encoder - details here
QuickTime audio & video
QuickTime Pro - details here
Real Player audio & video
Real / Helix Producer -
details here
Windows Media audio & video
Windows Media encoder -
details here

Which software can handle which codec ?

Macromedia Director MP3 & PCM (so called "Shockwave audio" is MP3 audio)
Macromedia Flash ADPCM, MP3 & PCM
QuickTime ALaw, uLaw, IMA, MACE, MetaSound, MetaVoice, QDesign Music, Qualcomm PV, MP3, PCM
Real Player Real Audio proprietary, MP3, PCM
Windows Media Player Windows Audio proprietary, MP3, PCM

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