Zn Tutorial

by Moreno Andreata


Table of Contents




I Zn in the rhythmic domain: the construction of tiling canons.

Tutorial 1: The good periods of an RCMC-Canon.

Tutorial 2: Decomposition of a good period and some information on the resulting canon.

Tutorial 3: Rhythmic patterns associated with a given period.

Tutorial 4: The construction of a canon by means of a 'ground' and an 'outer' rhythm.

Tutorial 5: Summary of the previous tutorials.

Tutorial 6: The duality property.

Tutorial 7: Random generation of an RCMC-Canon having a given period.


II Zn in the pitch domain: the formalisation of chord structures.


Tutorial 8: Counting (classes of equivalence of) chords.

Tutorial 9: The family TAC of self-complementary chords.

Tutorial 10: The family TAI of self-inverse chords.

Tutorial 11: The family TIC of inverse-complementary chords.

Tutorial 12: The family TTL of limited transposition chords.

Tutorial 13: The family TP of partitioning chords.

Tutorial 14: The family of idempotent chords.