SMC'04 Conference Proceedings

Creation : Tools and Realizations

New Approaches of Theatre and Opera Directly Inspired by Interactive Data-Mining
Alain Bonardi and Francis Rousseaux

Composition and improvisation on the Net
Georg Hajdu

The Realtime-Score. A Missing Link in Computer-Music Performance
Gerhard E. Winkler

Architecture and Experiments in Networked Complementary Audio/Graphic Rendering with Virtual Choreographer
Christian Jacquemin

Cybersongosse 7Mi
Christian Clozier, Jean-Claude Le Duc and Alexander Mihalic

Soliloque sur [X, X, X ET X], Musical Commentaries From a Computer About a Concert Misunderstood By It
Fabien Lévy and Thomas Seelig

Playing Integrated Music Knowledge With Artificial Neural Network
Frederic Voisin and Robin Meier

Virtual Voices on Hands: Prominent Applications on the Synthesis and Control of the Singing Voice
Anastasia Georgaki

Symbolic Music Representations & Formalization

Control Search using Rules, Tests and Measures (its applications in the Harmonisation of Bach’s Chorales)
Somnuk Phon-Amnuaisuk and Alan Smaill

Logical Representation of musical Concepts (for Analysis and Composition Tasks Using Computers)
Somnuk Phon-Amnuaisuk

Extending a Network-of-Elaborations Representation to Polyphonic Music: Schenker and Species Counterpoint
Alan Marsden

A Pregroup Grammar for Chord Sequences
Richard Terrat

Specification of Temporal Relations Between Interactive Events
Myriam Desainte-Catherine and Antoine Allombert

Recent Developments in ENP-score-notation
Mika Kuuskankare and Mikael Laurson

PWGL Editors: 2D-Editor as a Case Study
Mikael Laurson and Mika Kuuskankare

Open Source Tools for Music Representation and Notation
Dominique Fober, Stephane Letz and Yann Orlarey

IMUTUS an Interactive Music Tuition System
Dominique Fober, Stephane Letz, Yann Orlarey, A. Askenfeld, K. Falkenberg Hansen and E. Schoonderwaldt

IanniX Aesthetical/Symbolic Visualisations For Hypermedia Composition
Thierry Coduys and Guillaume Ferry

Music Information Retrieval, Classification & Style

Using Patterns to Generate Rhythmic Accompaniment for Guitar
Marcio Dahia, Hugo Santana, Ernesto Trajano, Carlos Sandroni, Giordano Cabral and Geber Ramalho

An Adaptive Multi-Parametric and Redundancy-Filtering Approach For Motivic Pattern Discovery
Olivier Lartillot

Classification into Musical Genres Using a Rhythmic Kernel
Gustavo Frederico

Melody Classification using a Similarity Metric based on Kolmogorov Complexity
Ming Li and Ronan Sleep

Style Recognition through Statistical Event Models
Carlos Pèrez-Sancho, José M. Iñesta and Jorge Calera-Rubio

Music Retrieval Algorithms for Lead Sheet Music
R. Clifford, R. Groult, C. S. Iliopoulos and D. Byrd

Influence of Musical Similarity on Melodic Segmentation: Representations and Algorithms
Emilios Cambouropoulos and Costas Tsougras

Messiaen's Regard IV: Automatic Segmentation using the Spiral Array
Elaine Chew

Architecture & Programming

The AGNULA/DeMuDi Distribution: GNU/Linux and Free Software for the Pro Audio and Sound Research Domain
Nicola Bernardini, Damien Cirotteau, Free Ekanayaka and Andrea Glorioso

Applying Aspect-Oriented Programming to Music Computing
Patrick Hill, Simon Holland and Robin C Laney

Jack Audio Server: MacOSX Port and Multi-Processor Version
Stéphane Letz, Dominique Fober, Yann Orlarey and Paul Davis

Real Time Interaction & Improvisation

Improvising Computer Music: an Approach
Leonello Tarabella

Interactively Determined Generative Sound Design for Sensate Environments
Kirsty Beilharz

Strategies for Continuous Pitch and Amplitude Tracking in Realtime Interactive Improvisation Software
Christopher Dobrian

Pattern Anchoring, Identity and Signatures in Sound, Time and Space
Özgür Izmirli and Noel Zahler

Etheraction: Playing a Musical Piece Using Graphical interfaces
Jean-Michel Couturier

On Onsets On-the-Fly: Real-time Event Segmentation and Categorisation as a Compositional Effect
Nick Collins

A Real-Time Beat Tracker for Unrestricted Audio Signals
Nicolas Scaringella and Zoia Giorgio

Gesture & Expression

Three-Dimensional Gestural Controller Based on Eyecon Motion Capture System
Bertrand Merlier

Expressive Gestural Control of Sound and Visual Output in Multimodal Interactive Systems
Antonio Camurri, Barbara Mazzarino and Gualtiero Volpe

Gestural Control of Singing Voice, a Musical Instrument
Loic Kessous

Developing a non-Visual Output Device for Musical Performers
Homei Miyashita and Kazushi Nishimoto

Expressiveness Detection of Musical Performances in the Kinematics Energy Space
Luca Mion and Giovanni De Poli

Understanding Expressive Transformations in Saxophone Jazz Performances Using Inductive Machine Learning
Rafael Ramirez, Amaury Hazan, Emilia Gomez and Esteban Maestre


Composing In the Flesh: Perceptually-Informed Harmonic Syntax
Sean Ferguson and Richard Parncutt

A Role of Metrical Structure in Implicit Memory of Rhythm Perception: Toward a Computational Modeling of Perception Process of Metrical Structure
Yasuhiro Goto

Tying Semantic Labels to Computational Descriptors of Similar Timbres
Rosemary A. Fitzgerald and Adam T. Lindsay

Physical Modelling

Physical Modeling of Impacts: Theory and Experiments on Contact Time and Spectral Centroid
Federico Avanzini and Davide Rocchesso

Physical Modeling for Pure Data (PMPD) and Real Time Interaction with an Audio Synthesis
Cyrille Henry