About NIME 06

Right after NIME 06...

The following events associated to NIME 06 will take place on Thursday, June 8, after the conference (below on this page):
   [Workshop Network Performance]
   [Meeting OSC]
   [Workshop I-MAESTRO]

Workshop program flyer:
   [Network Performance] (PDF)

Workshop Network Performance
Thursday, June 8, 15H00, IRCAM, Studio 5
Cooperative workshop with the HUB, MARCEL, SARC, UPF-MTG and others.

This workshop brings together artists and researchers to present different artistic approaches, paradigms and technologies for music performance over the network. While the first part of the workshop is focusing on electro-acoustic music performance. distributed over the network, the second part invites various approaches to collaborative performance inherently based on digital interfaces and network technology.

MARCEL – The Network as an Artist Space
   Don Foresta (MARCEL, LSE London)

Network Performance: Strategies and Applications
   Alain Renaud and Pedro Rebelo (Sonic Arts Center, Belfast, Northern Ireland)

Network Music Performance (NMP) with Soundjack
   Alexander Carôt (International School of New Media, Lübeck, Germany)
   Alain Renaud (SARC, Belfast, Northern Ireland)
   Bruno Verbrugghe (IRCAM, Paris, France)

Symphonie des Machines
   Frédéric Voisin and Robin Meier

Distributed Immersive Performance: Qualitative and Quantitative
Assessments of Remote Performance and Collaboration
   Elaine Chew (Integrated Media Systems Center, USC, Los Angeles, California)

Musicking on Mobile Infrastructures
   Atau Tanaka (Sony CSL, Paris, France)

About the past, present, and future of KeyWorx
   Lodewijk Loos and Fokke de Jong (Waag Society, Amsterdam, Netherlands)

HUB – Local Networks in Music Making
   Chris Brown (Center for Contemporary Music, Mills College, California)
   John Bischoff (Center for Contemporary Music, Mills College, California)
   Phil Stone (Sakai Project, University of California Davis, California)
   Scot Gresham-Lancaster (Cogswell Polytechnical College, California)
   Tim Perkis (composer, performer and consultant)
   Mark Trayle (CalArts School of Music, California)

Networking and Collaboration with the reacTable*
   Chris Brown (Center for Contemporary Music, Mills College, California)
   Sergi Jorda and Martin Kaltenbrunner (MTG – UPF, Barcelona)

Meeting OSC
Thursday, June 8, 14H00, IRCAM

I-MAESTRO Workshop
Tools for Technology Enhanced Music Education
Thursday, June 8, 14H30 , IRCAM, Salle Messiaen
Workshop organised by the European Project I-MAESTRO
   [I-MAESTRO project website at http://www.i-maestro.org/]