About NIME 06

On Sunday, June 4, NIME 06 will pre-open on two workshops with invited speakers (below on this page):
   [Improvisation and Computers]
   [Choreographic Computations:
     Motion Capture and Analysis for Dance]

Workshop program flyers:
   [Improvisation and Computers] (PDF)
   [Choreographic Computations] (PDF)

Improvisation and Computers
Sunday June 4, 10H00-13H00 and 14H30–18H00, IRCAM, Salle Stravinsky.

Registration required (limited seating). 50 €, student 30 € (not incuded in the NIME 06 registration). Presentations in English.

After a first workshop at the Sound and Music Computing conference in 2004, IRCAM organises for NIME 06 the second workshop, associating this time the LAM Research Network (Live Algorithms for Music). The workshop brings together internationally recognized musicians and researchers who will present their work from a musical as well as technological point of view. In particular, artistic aspects of the implication of « creative machines » in the process of music improvisation and composition will be discussed.


Live Algorithms for Music
Presentations of the LAM Research Network:
   What is a Live Algorithm?
      Tim Blackwell and Michael Young (Goldsmiths College, Great Britain)
   BCI got Rhythm.
   Improvisation for Two Pianos and Brain-Computer Music Interface
      Eduardo Miranda and Marcelo Gimenes
   Behavioural Objects for Interactive and Generative Music
      Alice Eldridge, Ollie Bown, Sebastian Lexer
   Give Frank a brain:
   improvisation for piano using co-evolution and MPEG7 techniques
      David Plans-Casal and Davide Morelli

OMax, a Machine Learning Environment for Improvisation
   Gérard Assayag (IRCAM, France)
   Marc Chemillier (IRCAM/CNRS, France)
   Georges Bloch (Composer, France)
   Bernard Lubat (Pianist/Improviser, France)
   Philippe Leclerc (Saxophoniste, France)
   Émilie Rossez (Video Artist, France)

Enaction in the Design of Musical Interaction
   David Wessel (CNMAT, Berkeley, California)


Reflective Interactions
Francois Pachet (Sony CSL Paris, France)

Precision and Repetition
Joel Ryan (Institute of Sonology, Netherlands)

Improvisation in Computer Music: Integrity and Pragmatism
Mari Kimura (The Julliard School, New York)

Improvising with Creative Machines
George Lewis and Damon Holzborn (Columbia University, New York)

Enchantment vs. Interaction
Michel Waisvisz (STEIM, Netherlands)

Final Discussion


Choreographic Computations:
Motion Capture and Analysis for Dance

Sunday June 4, 10H00-13H30 and 15H00–17H30, IRCAM, Studio 5

Registration: full ! required (limited seating). 50 €, student 30 € (not incuded in the NIME 06 registration). Presentations in English.

This workshop will focus on new innovations combining motion capture and computer-based techniques with choreography and performance, an area in which an international group of artists and researchers has been breaking new ground. The software artists and programmers involved are exploring a range of heterogeneous computer concepts and approaches from agent-based aesthetics to the development of new tools and pathways to support collaborative composition (using software platforms and environments such as EyesWeb, Isadora, MnM and Fluid). Through their close collaboration with the choreographers (e.g. Trisha Brown, Myriam Gourfink and Dawn Stoppiello), a shared understanding of movement and gesture is evolving to support the application of complex algorithmic procedures to equally complex choreographic creation. Together these practitioners are carving out fresh territory for correspondences between choreography and computation. We have invited some of these artist/ researchers here to the present their recent collaborative work in the context of this NIME06/ IRCAM workshop.

Scott deLahunta (Writing Research Associates, NL)
Frédéric Bevilacqua (IRCAM, F)


Scott deLahunta (Writing Research Associates, NL) and Frédéric Bevilacqua (Researcher, IRCAM, F)
Co-descriptions: an introduction to sharing questions of movement

Antonio Camurri (Professor, InfoMUS lab, University of Genoa, I)
Computational models and tools for the real-time analysis of expressivity in movement and gesture

Marc Downie (Artist and Researcher, OpenEndedGroup, USA)
A New Kind of Picture: images and tools for « how long does the subject linger on the edge of a volume...»


Myriam Gourfink (Choreographer, F) and Remy Müller (Researcher, IRCAM, F)
From the idea to the gesture

Mark Coniglio (Composer/Media Artist, Troika Ranch C°, USA)
Seeking Gestural Qualities with Isadora + EyesWeb

Final discussion