About NIME 06
Oral presentation

Total time: 13 minutes + 5 minutes questions and change over (18 min total).

Special Session on Digital Interfaces for the Violin Family: Total time 20 min including demo.

Presenters are expected to bring their own laptop.

  • Most of the slots are > 2 m high and about 1.8 m width
  • A0 PORTRAIT posters should be considered ( 841 × 1189 mm [Wxh])
  • A0 LANDSCAPE posters (1189 x 841 mm [Wxh]) might fit in most cases but are not advised

Each poster will be presented once during the demo/poster session (3
posters sessions, 3 different sets of posters), during lunch break and until the afternoon paper session (13H00 - 13H30).

Extra time (for those who wish to)after the afternoon paper session, until 7 pm, will be available for spending some more time with the presenter/demonstrators or to look atthe posters and demos.

All the posters will be visible during the whole NIME06 using the "Poster Parking" where people will be able to hang the posters from monday to wednesday, and moving the poster from the "parking" to the poster session place.

While putting the poster before and after your poster session is optional, we kindly invite presenters to use the "parking" so thatpeople can have the benefit of looking at your work during the whole NIME06 period. 99% of the wall a metallic, and non marking magnets will be offered to
each presenter to hang his/her poster.


We CANNOT provide socket adapters for foreign plugs.

  • AC Power source is 230 V / 50 Hz in France
  • we WILL NOT provide socket adapters for foreign plugs
  • Laptop power supply are generally compatible with 90 to 240 volts AC, so only socket adapters are needed (not transformers)
  • For other electrical DC powered hardware: we advice to buy a switching mode power supply and a bunch of socket adapters if you plan to power custom built hardware. Switching mode power supplies don't use transformers, are lightweight, small, and are compatible most of the time with 90 to 240 volts AC. Some of them feature the DC voltage selector, just as a regular wallmount adapter.
  • in case of last minute problem, failure, or poor timing, we have a
    marvellous hardware store called BHV at a couple of minute of the institute

Submission Guidelines

Just to keep the initial guidelines around.

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   [Camera ready Guidelines]