About NIME 06

The NIME 06 artistic program is composed of six concerts of performances and nine interactive installations (below on this page).

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Monday to Thursday, June 5-8

The first NIME performances concert, Moday after the conference, and and the NIME 06 Special Guests will be at IRCAM in the Espace de Projection, which is also the conference venue during the day.

The Club NIME concerts and the NIME Gallery, organized in collaboration with the association ArsLonga, will take place Monday, Wednesday and Thursday night at three different club venues in Paris close to IRCAM.

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   [Overview of the Sessions, Concerts and Workshops] (pdf)
   [Club NIME Program on the ArsLonga website]

Monday, June 5
18H30: NIME Performances, IRCAM Espace de Projection
22H00: Club NIME I, Triptyque

Tuesday, June 6
21H00: Special Guests Concert, IRCAM Espace de Projection
Concert featuring George Lewis with Alexander von Schlippenbach, Michel Waisvisz, Mari Kimura, and Sensors_Sonics_Sights.

Wednesday, June 7
21H00: Club NIME II, Point Ephémère
Thursday, June 8
18H00: NIME Gallery, ArsLonga
22H00: Club NIME III, Point Ephémère

For registered NIME 06 participants, tickets for these concerts are included in the conference fee. Additional tickets will be available for vistors who don't participate at the conference.

Club NIME & NIME Gallery Venues

142 rue Montmatre
75002 Paris

Point Ephémère
200 quai de Valmy
75010 Paris

Monday to Thursday, June 5-8, IRCAM

The nine interactive installations selected for the NIME 06 artistic program are shown at IRCAM together with further installations of the Agora/Résonances festival.

    [NIME 06 Installation Program on the Agora/Résonances website]

IRCAM, Entrance Bridge

Tom Mays

IRCAM, Level -2
Ryoho Kobayashi

IRCAM, Level -1, Local CE
Métier à Tisser Musical – The Musical Loom
Kingsley Ng

IRCAM, Level -2, Wall
16:9 intercreative sound installation
Daniel Teige, Martin Rumori

IRCAM, Level -2, Espace Assistants

IRCAM, Level -2, Entrance Studio 6
Kojiro Kagawa, Daisuke Kobori, Makoto Iida, Chuichi Arakawa

IRCAM, Level -2, Corridor
Audio Shaker
Mark Hauenstein and Tom Jenkins

IRCAM, Level -3, Stairs
Sonobotanic plants
Marije Baalman and Alberto de Campo

IRCAM, Level -4, Foyer
Marc Fournel

Credits (Concerts)

The NIME 06 Special Guests concert is supported by YAMAHA, generously providing two Disklaviers for the performance by George Lewis and Alexander von Schlippenbach.

Life Fire is presented with the support of the ICESI University in Colombia.

I.D.L. has been supported by CITU.


Credits (Installations)

Acousmeaucorps is realized with the help of La Grande Fabrique, Dieppe, France.

Métier à Tisser Musical is produced by Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing, France.

16:9 is sponsored by Apogee using Apple Computers, the Senatsverwaltung für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur Berlin, Wolf and Elisabeth Teige, Dipl. Ing. Folkmar Hein, Thomas Seelig, Michael Hoeldke, and Dipl. Ing. Manfred Fox.

The artists especially thank their producer Catherine Mahoney in New York, Dipl. Ing. Osswald Krienke from Digital Audio Service in Berlin, Hanjo Scharfenberg / Galerie Rachel Haferkamp in Cologne, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Elektroakustische Musik, and Apple Computers.