About NIME 06

NIME 06 offers to visit the ateliers of two NIME artists, as well as the (MIDIfied) Museum of Fairground Art and the Arts et Metiers museum (below on this page):
   [Rendez-vous with Jacques Rémus]
   [Rendez-vous with Patrice Moullet]
   [Arts et Metiers Museum]

Rendez-vous with Jacques Rémus
Saturday, June 3, 17H00, Musée d'Art Forain

Visit of the Musée d'Art Forain and Jacques Rémus' atelier Napoleon III.
   [Jacques Rémus' MECA musique]
   [Musée d'Art Forain] (Museum of Fairground Art)
   [Napoléon III] (image of the Napoléon III atelier)

Jacques Rémus' workshop is located in the eastern part of Paris, in two places, the "Frigos" building on the one hand and the ancient "Napoleon III" underground stables on the other hand. For NIME06, Remus’ key installations will be gathered in Napoléon III's place, (which is situated nearby the Museum of Fairground Arts). The following installations will be presented and demonstrated: Concertomatique n°2 (mechanical and pneumatic orchestra made up of elevenmusical king-sized machines), the Carillon Concertomatique n°3 (set of 40 separate tubular bells), the Musical Washing Machines Ensemble (32 pieces), the Musical Camera… and probably more. If possible, you will also be able to visit the Museum of Fairground Arts where different installations, automatic performances and games are driven by Jacques Rémus software and hardware designs.

To offer the best organization, registration is required.

Rendez-vous with Patrice Moullet
Saturday, June 3, 14H00, CNIT, La défense

Visit of the lab of Patrice Moullet.
   [ALPES - Patrice Moullet]

This visit is a unique opportunity to visit the Musical and Multimedia Experimentation Lab (ALPES) located in an unusual place and to discover the giant instruments created by Patrice Moullet.

Patrice Moullet's background is shared between art and research (engineering and design for the Cité de la Musique in Paris, from 1987 to 1992), the Chartreuse of Villeneuve lez Avignon, the Théâtre du Soleil (Ariane Mnouchkine), the Popular Music Museum in Montluçon and the Music House in Amsterdam. He also took part in architectural and monumental installations in such places as the Grand Palais, the Oceanographic Institute in Paris, the Bunkamura Center in Tokyo, the ELF and EDF Towers (La Défense, Paris), and the Science & Industry Museum in Paris La Villette.

Patrice Moullet’s workshop opened in 1990 in the La Défense basements, eerie interlocked unoccupied spaces under the huge buildings of the Paris Financial Center. Fourteen years of research in this lab allowed Moullet to build innovative musical instruments using novel technologies and mechanics: the Percuphone, the OMNI, the Stretch Machine, the Cosmophone, etc.

As of 2006, Patrice Moullet has been working with a team of musicians, dancers, engineers, stage designers and teachers on the AEM phase two project: sharing and producing projects for large audiences using the instruments developed in the lab. 2007 and 2008 will see a huge concert in Paris, teaching workshops, and the creation of the fifth version of the OMNI, with substantial funding from the Fondation de France and the DRAC Ile-de-France organisms.

Moullet has also started a therapy-by-music program for  handicapped children (OEH OMNI-Enfance-Handicaps)

To offer the best organization, registration is required.

Arts et Metiers Museum
Friday, June 9, meeting 10H00 at IRCAM

Another special tour is planned to visit the collections of music instruments and music automata of the Arts et Metiers Museum.
Tickets are not included in the NIME 06 conference fee.