About NIME 06

The NIME 06 paper, poster and demo sessions are scheduled from Monday, June 5th, to Wednesday, June 7th with a special paper session focussing on the violin family on Thursday morning, June 8th.

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Overview over the paper and poster sessions day by day:
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Monday, June 5 (IRCAM)
10H00: Paper Session - Mobile and Public
12H00: Keynote - George Lewis (public)
13H00: Poster and Demo Session - Sensors, Interfaces, and Mapping
15H30: Paper Session - Networked and Collaborative
 - 17H00

18H30: Concert - NIME Perfomances (IRCAM, Espace de Projection)
22H00: Concert - Club NIME I (Triptyque)

Tuesday, June 6 (IRCAM)
9H30: Paper Session - Real and Virtual, Spatial and Graphical
12H00: Keynote - William Gaver (public)
13H00: Poster and Demo Sessions - ConGAS & Tables and Screens
15h30: Paper Session - Instrument Design
 - 17H00

17H30: Cocktail (IRCAM)
21H00: Concert - Special Guests (IRCAM, Espace de Projection)

Wednesday, June 7 (IRCAM)
9H30: Paper Session - Brain, Hands, and Expression
12H00: Panel Disscussion moderated by Michel Waisvisz (public)
13H00: Poster Session - Instruments, Performances, and Installations
15h30: Paper Session - Augmented Instruments and Accompaniment
 - 17H00

21H00: Concert - Club NIME II (Point Ephémère)

Thursday, June 8 (IRCAM)
10H00: Special Session (public) - Digital Interfaces for the Violin Family
  - 13H00

15H00: Workshop - Network Performance (IRCAM)
19H00: Concert - NIME Gallery (ArsLonga)
22H00: Concert - Club NIME III (Point Ephémère)