About NIME 06

On behalf of the NIME 2006 Committee, we would like to invite you to be part of the 6th international conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression conference, organized by IRCAM (Centre Pompidou) in collaboration with the MINT-OMF (Sorbonne University) in Paris.

We encourage contributions of the following kinds:
* Papers/Reports/Posters (with optional demos)
* Live performances
* Interactive installations

Complete submission guidelines and the on-line submission interface are now available.

In order to be informed about major updates of the NIME 06 website and associated events and/or participate in the confererence preparation, please subscribe to the NIME 06 community mailing-list.


June 4:
* Workshop on Choreographic Computations:
    Motion Capture and Analysis for Dance
* Workshop on Improvisation with Computers

June 8, morning:
* NIME 06 Special Session on the Violin Family
(submissions welcome following the same procedure as other NIME papers)

June 8, afternoon:
* I-MAESTRO workshop on Tools for Technology Enhanced Music Education
* Music and Gesture - Presentation of artistic projects at IRCAM (in French)

June 1st to June 17th:
* Agora & Resonances
    IRCAM Music Festival and Music Technology Convention

NIME 06 organized visits and off-concerts including jam sessions are planned.


Submission deadlines
- January 31st 2006: Installations and Performances
- January 31st 2006: Papers and Posters

Notification of acceptance
- February 28th 2006: Installations and Performances
- March 15th 2006: Papers and Posters

Registration deadlines
- April 15th 2006: Early Registration (reduced fee)

Final paper submission deadline
- April 15th 2006: Complete Camera-ready Papers and Abstracts


We invite the submission of research papers, reports, posters, and demos on
topics related to new interfaces for music performance including, but not restricted to:
* Novel controllers and interfaces for musical expression
* Novel controllers for collaborative performance
* Novel musical instruments
* Augmented/hyper instruments
* Interfaces for dance and physical expression
* Interactive sound and multimedia installations
* Interactive sonification
* Sensor and actuator technologies
* Haptic and force feedback devices
* Interface protocols and data formats
* Gesture and music
* Perceptual & cognitive issues
* Interactivity design and software tools
* Musical mapping strategies
* Performance analysis and machine learning
* Performance rendering and generative algorithms
* Experiences with novel interfaces in education and entertainment
* Experiences with novel interfaces in live performance and composition
* Surveys of past work and stimulating ideas for future research
* Historical studies in twentieth-century instrument design
* Reports on students projects in the framework of NIME related courses
* Artistic, cultural, and social impact of NIME technology

Accepted presentation types are:
- Full Paper (6 pages in proceedings, oral presentation)
- Short Paper (4 pages in proceedings, oral presentation)
- Poster (2 or 4 pages in proceedings)
- Papers for the Special Session

Special Session
We encourage the submission of papers to be presented in a special session at June 8th. In this session we would like to bring together all relevant recent research and know-how concerned by the violin family and related musical digital interfaces.
The purpose of this special session is to create an opportunity for in-depth discussions on a topic of wide-ranging interest to several of the NIME themes. Papers for the special session will be subject to the same review process as the other submissions.

Although brief demonstrations can be shown during paper sessions, NIME 06 will give the possibility to schedule demo presentations in dedicated demo sessions. The submission procedure will allow to choose an explicit demo option for any paper or poster submission.
The simplest demo submission would take the form of a short poster summarizing the scientific/technical aspects, acquired experiences and/or the context of the development.

For presentations of commercial products and companies not associated
with a conference submission, there will be exhibit booths.
Please contact Vincent.Puig[at]ircam[fr].


An evening concert during the conference will be dedicated to live performances hilighting creative use of interactive instrument technology.

We welcome proposals for performances to be featured in the NIME 06

Please refer to the NIME 06 web page for detailed submission guidelines.


Various spaces in and around the conference venue are reserved for interactive sound and multimedia installations.

We welcome proposals for interactive installations to be presented
during the conference. We particularly encourage installations that could run during the entire period of Agora/Résonances from June 1 to June 17.

While some of the spaces are closed rooms, others are open spaces such as entrance or stairs which encourage site-specific installations.
Please refer to the NIME 06 web page for detailed submission guidelines and descriptions of the provided installation spaces.